Spinal Muscular Atrophy

The Protein factory was completed for children with spinal muscular atrophy. Most of the children had very limited mobility. The ap was designed in unity for the iPhone and google cardboard. It educated children on the mode of disease of SMA in an accessible cartoony way and gave them a sense of freedom not normally permitted to them.


This project was created for the Oculus rift in Unity for a cardiovascular congress in Paris. The experience lets you see various disease states within the heart, lets you explore the blood flow in the heart as long as enabling you to see Echos and zoom into the wall of the heart within a  360 degree environment.


Two projects completed for Santen. The first, a virtual reality experience created for the oculus rift in unity. This lets you go on a journey into the interior of the eye, observing it’s anatomy and further more learning about various disease states and seeing what the eye looks like from the inside of the eye… if it has glaucoma, dry eye syndrome or other states.

We completed a second project which enables you to use haptic devices to simulate Glaucoma eye surgery. Giving young surgeons valuable experience, this was created in unity.


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